Saturday, August 6, 2011

Birealist, bicurious or biphobic?

Here is a quick bisexual check-list:
  1. Bisexuality is not just a phase.
  2. Bisexuals are not confused when they find peace with their sexual orientation.
  3. Bisexuality is not a combination of heterosexuality, homosexuality or anything else.
  4. Bisexuals do not have to be equally attracted to men, women and transsexuals.
  5. Bisexuals can love one partner and be faithful.
  6. Bisexuals can be in a loving relationship.
  7. not everyone can be a bisexual.
How many times do you agree with a statement?

  • If you agree over six times, you are birealist.
  • If you agree over four times, you are bicurious.
  • If you agree under two times, you are biphopic.

Have a nice day - whatever is your score!


  1. I guess I am a birealist.
    Hey when are you going to update your blog?

  2. Totally agree with the first 6, not sure on number 7