Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bisexual future from the past

“World population is moving towards a bisexual future”. One of the Europe´s most respected scientist, outspoken man and Nobel Prize nominee Dr. Umberto Veronesi raised some serious discussions few years ago with this statement. He cited scientific fact that the vitality of male reproductive cells has gone down by half since 1940s and raised up the discussion about endless new possibilities of artificial fertilization.

What will happen when the male-female intercourse will be more or less disconnected from reproduction of human life? Sex will not disappear but sexual intercourse would lose its reproductive function and our evolution will continue until the majority of people are bisexual according to Mr. Veronesi. 

In the future not only bisexual women are the fantasies of straight men. Bisexuality becomes even hotter and interesting orientation or behavior when the barriers of social and intergenerational relationships decrease. Meanwhile, the concept of family and domestic partnership evolve and idea of sexual freedom sees its full potential. 

One could add to Mr. Veronesi’s statement that history seems to repeat itself. It is not more than six centuries ago when bi- and heterosexuals did not raise that many eyebrows. That said, bisexuality of human kind is not only the future but also the past of all of us as loving human beings. As so many times before in human history we seem to invent a wheel again. What a pity. Instead of wasting our time we could have been doing so much more important things in life.


  1. I hope that means you liked what you saw. :D

  2. i really like this article/blog. im bi and i have to noticed of "biphobia" in people because maybe they are one. you fell in love with the boy or girl if this is a problem then who's is it?

  3. Like, like, like! Bi 4ever.