Monday, January 17, 2011

Bye-sexual humor

When you grow older many of the old bi-jokes comes funnier because your enthusiasm for life, relationships and body functions will decrease. Then the problem with bisexuality is that you get twice as many chances to be rejected than other people. 

On the other hand when you have had sex with anyone what so ever – it is bye! Everyone just wishes they would be rich enough to develope as buy-sexuals by then. Even the old spouse of yours (if you ever get one) gets usually so addicted to shopping you start to suspect he or she might have gone buy-curious. 

Later on you start to see your old spouse more and more like a sex object. When you ask some sex, he or she will object. You do not have to panic. You become a bigger lover because you can practice a lot on your own. When you finally get to make some love there is three words you do not want to hear. They are “honey, I am home”.

There is also a lesson to be learned. We can all chill out, be a bit more sensitive and have fun together. By all means, when straight people warn you of the dangers of having bisex, there is a second important lesson to be learned. Do not have sex with those awful heterosexuals.

Many people are offended by humor and jokes and the others are not. Good humor is warm-hearted, witty, appropriate, innocent and funny when offensive jokes are mean, bitter, abusive and hurtful. It is about timing, how well you know the other person and why you want to make certain jokes. For example one humorous conversation between two friends of mine can be taken either way:

“Bisexuals are just so unfair and greedy! Why can’t you just pick a hole and stick with it? Soon I don’t have anything left to have sex with!” “Excuse me, but did you know that having sex twice a week does not mean you are also a bisexual like me?”

This is either funny or offensive. It depends on you.

Bye! ;p


  1. I liked it !!! Keep it coming :)

  2. Hi!

    Thanks for your kind words!

    I will, I promise to you. ;D

  3. Humor is strength in every way. in health, in sickness, especially in sickness. We, people with mental illnesses that is, have a lot of fun together. We laugh like crazy.

  4. I think so, too. You're very wise with that comment. Heh! =D