Monday, January 10, 2011


It always starts with: “You are so handsome and successful man you could have any woman you want”. Being some years now in a same sex relationship out of love, I have grown up to understand that we are treated differently than heterosexual couples. Still I have the same old answer to these people: “If you don’t believe in same sex relationship, don’t do it with someone with the same sex”.

The biggest threat to the tradition of heterosexual relationship has never been same sex couples; it has been relationship problems and a divorce in the marriage - regardless of it has been exclusive right for straight people forever. My long term relationship is obviously putting Dennis Rodman’s a holy nine days, Britney Spears´ 55 hours until-death-will-us-apart or Nicolas Cage’s three and a half month marriage on jeopardy. 

The only problem is that in Greece, after all of these years being together with my boyfriend, I´m legally nothing to him even I have all the same responsibilities than everybody else in the eyes of the society. That´s not the problem only in Greece, of course. It´s a "dinosaur" of the 21st century that have not died out yet.
At the end of the day, there is no difference if I am sitting in the coffee shop with a woman or with a man as my spouse. Are there not enough relationships between two adults pulled apart by traumas, other people, money and power? What about love between two adults? For example animal kingdom has been cool with these things for ages. Homosexual, bisexual and transgender behavior has never been unnatural to over 1 500 species in nature around us.
For me life is about living and being happy together and if some couple’s relationship is strong and healthy, why do they care other people having same basic rights and full legal protection in the society than they have. 

Maybe some straight couples are jealous or afraid that Andreas and Spiros could succeed in longer, better and stronger relationship than they can? For their comfort, same sex couples can break up also … and they will do the same good, bad and something between choices in their everyday life than anyone else.


  1. Hello, dear. I like your blog. I'm from Brazil. I'm following your blog. Let's connect. Thanks!


  2. "For example animal kingdom has been cool with these things for ages. Homosexual, bisexual and transgender behavior has never been unnatural to over 1 500 species in nature around us."


  3. Olá! Como você está, Paulo?

    Nice to have you here. I feel very honored to have readers all over the world and now also from Brazil. I love Brazil and always wanted to see Cristo Redentor in real life! :D

    By the way, references for the text you picked up are: 1. Bagemihl, Bruce. 1999. Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity, St. Martin's Press. and 2. Harrold, Max. (1999-02-16). Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity. The Advocate, reprinted in Highbeam Encyclopedia.

  4. Hellou! My name is Aloma. I am a transvesti from Peru but I always had considered myself a bisexual. I can understand your frustration Danny. Lez connect. Peru is also nice!! If you want I can give you my FB name so we can talk more privately...

  5. Hi there!

    Nice that you came by.

    Tell me, how do you see frustration in these issues? How does this all look from your eyes?

    Hope to see you soon here again! :D

  6. This is Aloma again!! Well my eyes are no different then yours. I have the same needs for love, companionship as the very next person, do you think that just because I'm a transvesti I have different needs?
    I can see your frustration written all over your texts between the lines of course. I have one advise for you. You seem really cultivated and educated and I am surprized that you don't get it. If you are in a relationship that you feel that this is it, regardless of being with a man or woman, why dig it so much about sexualities? Does it matter if people call you gay, or bi or whatever?

  7. Hi!

    Thanks for your comment.

    No, don´t get me wrong. I didn´t mean how this looks through transsexual eyes but your eyes in general. Do you have something to add here what I briefly wrote, how do you see frustration in these thing in general etc.? I was interested about you and your opinion as a person. :)

    Being mom, dad, sister, transsexual, bisexual, heterosexual, spouse, student, worker, you name it. It seems to be important in social relationships for people for example call me gay that seems rather strange for me.

    It is important to know who you are deep inside you. Otherwise you let other people to define who you are. I take also other labels like a spouse or a son. Why taking sexual label is any different from those?

    On the other hand, I think there are many people out there who are still confused about sexuality and maybe this blog can help one people, maybe it can open up good discussion like this one or maybe we can start change this world to be better place for all of us.

    What do you think?

  8. I think this "Aloma" troll has something pretty confused in him/her. How Daniel wrote anything you accuse him of? Don't mind but keep on coming with thoughtful ideas and opinions Daniel!

  9. Sorry, I forgot. This was Börje from Lund.

  10. Troll?So whoever has a different opinion than you is a troll?Really democratic... I think that you are a troll Björk...

  11. Hi I'm Don from the USA, Like your thoughts. I to am bi sexual, my current relationship is with a female (my wife of 35+ years), but who knows who my next relationship/love will be. I am happy to say at least in the State of Washington we recongnize same sex marriages. I look forward to reading more of you blog.