Friday, January 14, 2011

Divine bisexuality

Is bisexuality an heavenly orientation only for few and the chosen ones? Well, at least from the beginning of the Fourth millennium BC various cultures, myths and folklore around the world has had recorded implications to various bisexual and same sex ideologies. Bisexuality and gender changes are no strange affairs in Aztec, Hindu, Navajo, Inuit, Christian or Hawaiian mythology – just to name a few.

The Scandinavian trickster god Loki was a son, father and transformed also as a woman to give a birth to a child, where as Ancient Greek gods were well known of their bisexuality. Even “The father of gods and men” Zeus drove his wife, Hera, into a rage with his love for a handsome prince Ganymede. The warrior Achilles fell in love with his brother in arms Patroclus, the oracular god Apollo had a beautiful nymph Daphne and a good-looking hero Hyacinth at the same time wrapped around his finger, you name it.

Although these are more or less myths, we know from the history books that while Alexander the Great was married with two different women he had a relationship with his general Hephaestion or how Dr. Fred Fritz Klein fought for the rights of the bisexuals for decades and finally developed The famous Klein Sexual Orientation Grid. At the same time we can find out from the evening news Finnish contemporary writer Sofi Oksanen or American actress Angelina Jolie defining themselves, amongst many other things, as bisexuals.

Is bisexuality therefore a divine form of sexuality? The way of living and conceiving world beyond gender based rules and limitations. Is it more holistic approach to essence of what really matters in life: love to all human beings? Well, all I know is this, there is nothing wrong of being bisexual and to love and empower yourself to be the divine person - who only you can be.



  1. Q: `Is bisexuality therefore a divine form of sexuality?` A: Mine is and I´m happy for it. Your blog is good and divine!!!! You must be a one clever man to understand all of this!! Jodine

  2. Thanks for your nice comment, Jodie. I don´t consider myself too clever. Most important thing is what you said, actually. You said you´re happy as you are. I think that´s what really counts in life. Keep on going strong and take care!